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Scooby Doo Debut at Waterloo

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
This is my day
I arrived at West Brompton at 18:32
To find out that there, Delays on Distress line, oh nice work :(
I took a C-stock to Earl's Court, and as the usual , stuck outside Earl's Court
As I got off at Earl's Court , I saw a C-stock on platform 1
TBH, I thought it that a mirror i am looking at
But it was a C-stock anyway ;)
So I waited some couple of minutes, and
Refurbished D-stock 1 comes on platform 4
And in comes a Refurbished D-stock 2 on platform 2
I took it to Westminster (indicator was Upminster, but it had gone "dogged" and changed to Barking)
i got off at Westminster and yes I took the 96TS 7 car Promotional Livery to Waterloo (17.77m)
And I saw the Management Train at Waterloo
and Micheal Wright
and took the reverse route home,
So far today, I have seen 7 REFURBISHED D-stocks
My favourite Picture

Scooby , I've caught you!
New photos are at the bottom of the page and EWS on the next one
Please comment on the photos
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30 Jun 2005
Its often referred to as the "Mystery Train" hence The Skooby Skip and the Mystery Train
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