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10 Jun 2005
I'm having a bit of a play with the 'BRSema4Sigs' pack, partly because I'm bored, and partly because I want to see how much they can do! I'm very impressed indeed so far - good to see something like this for BVE! I've just got one question though, that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer for me. The instructions tell me that, where a distant signal is to be used, you don't need to use a .section command, as the signal will use the section of the following stop signal. How would this work where you've got multiple stop signals following a distant signal? Presumably the distant signal would come 'off' if the outer home could be cleared, even if the inner home and starters were still at danger? Can a .section command (.section 2;2;2;2;4, to specify that the next five sections must be clear before the distant will come off?) be used in this case, or is there an even easier way?

Just to complicate things even more, I'm also wondering how the requirements of rulebook module TS1, 4.7 can be simulated in BVE ("If you cannot clear a stop signal, you must not clear any
associated signals in rear of it until the train has nearly stopped at
each signal in turn."
) - presumably a .sta command would have to be placed in rear of the outer home signal (and any subsequent home signals!), which would hold that signal at danger until the train was close to it (and slowing down) - but only if the section signal can't be cleared (because the previous train's still in section). Anyone got any clever ideas for this one?
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19 Mar 2006
I think there might be a shortcut for controlling the distant, but I haven't tried it. Imagine you have a station with home, starter and advanced starter. You create the stop signals with the usual section command for each one:

.SigF 0;1;x;y, .Section 0; 4,

The command for the distant signal is a little different from normal

.SigF 3;1;x;y,

which should (as far as I know!) cause it to repeat the third section ahead of it - i.e. the advanced starter.

Now *in BVE*, the only situation in which the advance starter should be clear when the train passes the distant is when all the stop signals are clear.

As for sequential clearing of stop signals, I can't think of any method other than the dummy .sta.
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