St Albans City to Bedford Stations CDR / Split Ticketing

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by njr001, 12 Jun 2019.

  1. njr001

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    8 Feb 2013
    I have purchased some split tickets between Radlett & Nottingham for next week on the basis that we would leave Radlett at 0855. Splits Radlett - St Albans City, Anytime Day single, St Albans City-Bedford Off Peak Day Return (change at Luton Airport Parkway & catch 0926 to Nottingham)
    Bedford-Kettering & Kettering-Nottingham Off Peak Day Return, St.Albans City-Radlett Off peak Day single. The arrival time in Nottingham is critical, some of the party are worried that if the 0855 is cancelled or running late we may miss the connection at Luton Airport Parkway and want to leave Radlett earlier.
    We are happy to purchase St Albans City to Luton Airport singles to start the journey earlier, however is it permissible to start from LTN with SAC to BDM CDR?
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  3. Mike395

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    23 May 2009
  4. yorkie

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    6 Jun 2005
    Yes you are fine to do this*, but in order to avoid any potential issues (e.g. claiming delay compensation if delays occur), you may want to bring with you a copy of an itinerary showing your full journey with details of the tickets.

    If you use an accredited ticket splitting website, this will be generated for you.

    (* Even if it wasn't fine to break your journey on that ticket I'd argue there would be no issue anyway as you aren't proposing to break your journey at any point!)

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