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thelondontube.co.uk website update thread

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Dave A

Established Member
7 Jun 2005
Hi all. Because I update my site so reguarly now, instead of starting new threads almost every day, it would be easier with just two. This is the update thread where I will notify you when my sites updated. To discuss my website, please go here - http://www.railuk.org/hst/viewtopic.php?p=13452#13452

In this update, some more new Central Line videos with sound have been uploaded, as well as some bits that were contributed by someone else.

I have removed the old ones to start a-fresh, so all the Central Line videos will now have sound and better quality.

Also. I won't remove the site to update it anymore, so it should be up almost always :roll:


David - www.thelondontube.co.uk
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