Ticket Evader Issue

Discussion in 'Disputes & Prosecutions' started by Samwise101, 12 Feb 2020.

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    8 Apr 2016
    I feel that it would be difficult to prove to an app downloaded / registered / used by e.g. Sam Smith is obviously therefore linked to a different person Jo Jones, and this is ignoring the concept of Family subs etc that Google et al use.
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    5 Aug 2010
    The Ops' satement that they did this 1 or 2 times a week for 6 months and only when they were short of money equates to an admission of around 48 instances of fare evasion.

    This is a serious matter and I strongly suggest that the OP wait to see what letter is received and what that letter alleges before contacting anyone.

    Once a letter is received s/he will know the unique reference allocated to their case and who they are dealing with. I suggest that once that is received and if this letter alleges multiple instances of fare evasion, they may be asked to attend for a further interview under caution. If not, then they would be well advised to take the letter and speak with a qualified lawyer who specialises in criminal law. ( CAB do not generally fit that category)

    There are many Solicitors who will give an initial consultation either free of charge, or for only a small fee.
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    So what about the next time you don't have any money??
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    PTSO or platform depending on the weather
    Wait for the letter and read carefully what you are being charged with. Come back to the forum when you have the specific details

    You might be lucky and be offered to settle out of court. Conversely you might be unlucky and be prosecuted and get a criminal record

    In the meantime, start saving and buy a season ticket

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