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  • Hi mate,hope you get this ok as i have not sent a message before. I am interested in a recently posted position with GBRF as an ATM. Because of the lower Salary (28000) i cant work out if you have to be currently qualified? My background is that i was a mainline driver till 5 years ago.(family reasons i left) I still drive on a heritage line and am a qualified shunter with a TOC. As i love my job i havent really thought about going main line for a while but always fancied freight and this one has caught my eye especially being near to home.Would i be wasting my time applying do you think or would they look at 12 years rail experience,driving,fitting and shunting?
    Hi, current rates roughly as follows.

    ATM Basic: £28200
    ATM With Loads Exam Competence: £28700
    ATM(p): £30200 (TBC) (ATMP includes certain driving duties under controlled circumstances.

    Hi Mate,
    I noticed you mentioned some time ago you were a crossing keeping as your first role - could I pick your brains and knowledge for what Network rail expect from the chosen candidate
    Just to let you know I've taken the "tags" off your spider picture as it was making the page appear wider for users with smaller screen resolutions, users can still get there by clicking on it!
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