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Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by STEVIEBOY1, 14 Aug 2015.

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    STEVIEBOY1 Established Member

    31 Jul 2010
    I note that some platforms on the Uckfield line are being extended to allow for ten carriage trains to come into service which should make commuting a bit more comfortable.

    As this route is operated by diesel units, I was wondering where the extra coaches will be coming from.?

    I think at the moment these services are operated by two or four car units, sometimes coupled together to form 8 car trains. I presume like the LOL longer trains a 5 th or 3 rd carriage for each 4 or 2 coach set needs to be produced?

    I see too that Uckfield station platform will be extended. I wondered why they did not make it longer when it was newly built in very recent years?

    In the publicity I read on the internet, I see that provision for building of the longer platforms have had to take into account the special needs of certain plants and wildlife, newts, dormice etc.,
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  3. swt_passenger

    swt_passenger Veteran Member

    7 Apr 2010
    Existing thread in the rolling stock forum refers:

    Since that thread started four of the units have transferred but are not in use yet.

    Existing thread in the infrastructure forum also refers:
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  4. steamybrian

    steamybrian Member

    26 Nov 2010
    It is my thoughts that the additional rolling stock is coming from Scotland which is surplus to their requirements following electrification and introduction of new EMU stock.(see comment above)
    The old station at Uckfield which closed in 1991 could only accommodate 6 cars from what I remember. When the present station at Uckfield was opened in 1991 the platform was built for 8 cars in anticipation of electrification. At the time it was thought that was adequate for future needs. Since then the passenger numbers on the line have far exceeded anticipated expectations.
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