Unwanted V250s finally find use

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by Bungle965, 21 Aug 2017.

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    21 Feb 2016
    No, it was the Yugos that had to be totally rebuilt by Abbey Hill in Yeovil, the Ladas just needed cosmetic resprays. The Polski Fiats were somewhere between the two, often with engine bolts missing. The Yugos often had disconnected drive shafts or missing brake pads..........
    The real Fiats (like the 131) just rusted after three years in open storage in fields prior to sale.
    As for Lancia........Abbey Hill were paid by Fiat to buy a scrapyard with the sole intention of buying up and scrapping every Lancia in the UK: the Betas rusted so badly and were giving Fiat such a bad reputation that they wanted every trace of the name eliminated
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    Slighty OT. Have Belgium and the Netherlands given up in a high speed connection that ist not Thalys / Eurostar?
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    23 Aug 2016
    Yes. Currently 160 km/h and planned to go to 200 but nothing more.

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