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Discussion in 'London Underground' started by Railguy1, 11 Jun 2019.

  1. Railguy1

    Railguy1 Member

    6 Apr 2016
    Why are there regularly members of staff on the platforms on some of the stations on the Watford DC branch (beyond Queen's park)? I've noticed this in particular at Kenton. They don't seem to be dispatch staff.
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  3. Mojo

    Mojo Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    7 Aug 2005
    At Queens Park, Stonebridge Park and Harrow/Wealdstone there are staff on the platforms to check the trains are empty before they go off into the sidings (or depot in the case of Stonebridge Park), as Bakerloo line trains are regularly scheduled to terminate at these stations throughout the day.

    You could also be thinking of the security guards Network Rail pay to have along the WCML for suicide prevention, I have seen them at stations such as Kenton, as well as others on and not on the DC lines too. These people are not railway staff and are employed by security contractors such as Servo group and usually wear yellow hi-vis or other "security" type uniforms.

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