Watford Jn [WFJ] to Birmingham [BHM] using a combination of Season and Off Peak Rtn

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21 Jun 2008
I have a season ticket for WFJ-MKC. The route is 'any permitted'; typically, this is London Midland, but it is sometimes Southern and occasionally VT.

I wish to travel WFJ-BHM. VT run a service from WFJ to BHM, not stopping at MKC. If I buy a SVR (for off-peak use) between MKC and BHM, will the combination of the season and the SVR be valid for the journey on the VT train, even though it does not stop at MKC en route?

I believe this will be valid.

1. Am I correct?
2. Am I like to have any difficulty with the train manager understanding this?

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16 May 2010
I believe if used in combination with a season ticket or other multi-day ticket, the train doesn't have to stop, so you are correct AFAIK. I would expect a guard to know that, but sadly you seem to get a mix of good, knowledgeable ones and bad ones these days; however I wouldn't expect it to create a massive issue.

All Line Rover

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17 Feb 2011
Yes, you are correct.

As per Condition 19c of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, you are entitled to combine ONE Season Ticket or Leisure Travel Pass (e.g. a 7-day All Line Rover) with ANY OTHER NUMBER of other tickets (e.g. Anytime, Off-Peak, etc...), and the train does NOT have to stop at the stations at which you change tickets.

Most guards should know this, and VT definitely aren't the worst, but if you are worried just print out Condition 19c (link above), and show this to the guard if you are questioned.

Because of the fact that you can combine ANY OTHER NUMBER of other tickets, don't buy a Milton Keynes to Birmingham Off-Peak Return at £27.10. Instead, if you are returning the same day (which I assume you are), buy a Milton Keynes to Rugby Off-Peak Day Return and a Rugby to Birmingham Off-Peak Return in London Midland's Rail Sale (which, these being "Any Permitted" tickets, are completely valid on Virgin Trains). Combined, this comes to just £10.10! :D
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