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  • Is it true you love the Olympics so much you wrote a ''Ode to Olympia'' poem and sent it to Sebastian Coe?
    My amateur dramatics society did its most recent performance on puns... it was a play on words.
    This is for posting Gourmless Clown on my profile! :lol:

    Originally Posted by MattE2010
    Transdev's route 152 bus around here (Preston-Blackburn-Burnley) is £5.10 single from Preston-Cherry Tree or £7.50 return!!!

    Get a Silver Day Rover for £5.00 and you can use from Preston to Keighley and Skipton on all Transdev buses.
    Taken from MattE's Forum Biography: "Just learnt how to multi-quote!"


    Well done :smile:
    Happy birthday!!!!!

    Suddenly all sorts of things are legal to you (like much of the content of a certain thread) ... but Child fares are gone. Is that a good thing or a bad thing...?

    Anyway, enjoy the day! :D
    I didn't know what to expect with all that staffing awareness, and how you knew of so much relating to it, but a good job nonetheless!

    Posted here because of your advice relating to your PM system.
    "He's shooting himself in the foot and making ana arse of himself simultaneously"

    no wonder he ended up in a wheelchair....
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