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West Midlands Daytripper Challenge

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11 Jun 2005
Woke up at 0530 to make some FOOD before doing some "body Chores :lol: " leaving at 0604 to catch the 0618, formed of a black brick 302. Get in to Bristol TM bang on time so I can go and sit in the FC lounge for 45 mins, which was nice, before boarding a Voyager in FC to Birmingham New St. Ascot was waiting for my pile of shi* (220XXX) to arrive, so we met up & went to buy a WM Day Rover, go in to the travel centre & they tell us to go to the proper ticket office *sigh*

So, about 1005 turns & Andrew May wanders up, followed by Matt who had come in on a Pendo, then T52 & Alistertrainfanman. 1030 turns after lineing up on the start line looking like total lunitics & we go, both Me & Ascot as well as Matt & Andrew head for the 1035 X-city North towards Blake St, but in the X-city fashion, there is a problem, signalling at Aston Box (not affercting Walsall though). We were told it would not go anywhere for a while so me & Ascot went to get the 1042 Walsall. The anouncers comes along & tells us the 1035 will be the next train, so we run back in readiness, just to see Matt & Andrew back on it, eventually they canx it, so we get chucked on the 1105, but then the driver tells us that he will not be going anywhere & didn;t know why we were sent over. So, we (Me & Ascot) then take the 1118? to Walsaw where we visit Mr Sizler a VERY CHEEP & NOT DODGEY burger van, 80p for a cheese burger the size of a Mc Shi*Donalds. So, after that pop over to Wolverhampton before doing the Metro to Snow Hill & a 150 to Dorridge, after that a nice 168 bash to Lemington.

Went on the hunt for a chippy but failed, well, we found it & it said open but the door was locked & the guy told us to come back later. We of course got bussed to Coventry to take a 350 to International, where we bashed skyrail, before taking a 323 to BNS, here we got a 323 to Lingbridge with a cra* guard, will go in to that when I can be bothered!

More later
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