Where am I?

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I am standing in a station which is electrified by third rail. It is served by many trains mainly to a London terminus, some of the trains are diesel, and others are electric. There are express services from this station to the next along the line, missing out 2 stations either direction to the next major station.

I board the next train to arrive at this station. We move rapidly to the next station along the line which is a junction station, but we do not call here, instead we move another 2 to the next major station, which is again served by the same number of diesel trains as the origin, but more electrics. I stay on the train and I move up the line further and further until we reach the 2nd station, which we call at, I should mention at this point that this is where I terminate my journey as it is the last point on the major outer suburban services.

The question is, where was I to begin with, and where did I end up?
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Dave A

7 Jun 2005
tubechallenger said:
You didn't tell us the second station anyway.

That was the answer to both. I persumed you had gone round in circles... :tongue1: ;) 8-)
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