Yep... it's back!

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Tom B

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27 Jul 2005
It's been here for years, read 1984.

If you nicked Photoshop off him he'd just fire up the GIMP...


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11 Oct 2005
Paint, fantastic program! The quality of the .jpg conversion! It's mind-blowing! ;)

Ahh Big Brother, another excuse to immitate Geordies and laugh at Davina


8 Jun 2005
To put it mildly...who cares! Oh wait...I actually do! The channel 4 schedule for the next three months (or however stupidly long it goes on for) is thrown out the window and we don't expect to see any inventive programming of an evening.

I was hopeing, obviously falsely, that we'd maybe get to see some more recent seasons of things that have been on in the states...Without A Trace, Scrubs etc, but instead we're subjected to a selection (and I use that word because none of them are random) of idiots attempting to find fame (which unfortunately they will as the tabloids love this sort of thing), and be the most risque. Big Brother is an old concept now...Endemol, the production company behind it, have noted that ratings in all other countries have been dropping, and very quickly dropped their plans to have a "Big Brother Village" in Germany that went on for a year or people just didn't tune in.

Channel 4, IMO, out to sort itself out and realise that "Joe Public" is fed up of "reality" television...maybe give the British drama scene something to talk about.




BB is already commissioned for another series.

One interesting thing about BB I found out on Wikipedia is that the only time sex has been performed in the house is on a Teenage version of the show!

Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Quote from Supanet
[]Supanet[/url] said:
Big Brother wannabes are set for the horniest housemate yet – a real-life cow.

TV bosses plan to put the farmyard animal out to graze in the garden of the TV house.

Contestants will have to milk the cow every day to get milk for their breakfast and teas.

"This is going to be a great surprise for the housemates," said a BB insider. "We've never had a cow before."

Producers will "unleash the beast" once contestants have settled into the spy-on-the-wall house for the seventh series of the reality show, which gets under way on Channel 4 this Thursday.

"We have wanted to put a cow on the show for a while," executive producer Phil Edgar Jones said last night.
"We were all geared up to put one in a few years ago during one of the Celebrity Big Brother series, because we wanted to see how the stars would cope with the milking.

"But then there was a sudden outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the country and we just could not risk it, so the plan was dropped."


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11 Jun 2005
WSXFan said:
I'm not the only one who dislikes Big Brother. Thank Heavens, I was beginning to think I was the only one!
hell are you the only one! Absolute trash is this so called "reality tv" wtf is real about it? How often in real life do people get locked up in houses or so called "islands".
I will say that TV is turning to a pile of expensive rubbish these days!
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