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    Weird scheduled stop!

    I am! I'm enjoying my 3tph all taking less than 2h10, thank you.
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    New NRES website

    It is possible. They're just cheap/lazy/useless. Possibly all 3, it really is a terrible job. It's not just a few bugs, it's *awful*.
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    New NRES website

    I'm using Google Chrome and it's still awful! The adverts just pour over the text. And why should I have to create a 'user account' to solve my problems - all I want is some train times! (I know I can use TOCs websites, but it is a complete shambles. I've emailed them too. It's a horrendous mess.)
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    First Great Western Route Map

    Already exist.
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    Cheapest First class tickets on FGW

    I don't know if it's the cheapest, but £2 between Worcester Foregate Street and Shrub Hill? Bargain! :P
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    FGW to Install PIS on Thames Valley Route

    I will miss this PIS - they're great! Must be some of the oldest display systems on trains over the whole network?
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    Manchester - London fare

    And who did you transfer to to BUY from? None of them work - I guess because when you transfer it has the destination Euston wheras somehow it needs to have a travelcard as the destination. Solutions?
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    Manchester - London fare

    Has anyone managed to find one on any internet booking engine? And what London "station" did you use? Different journey planners have different available, not all of them with any fares available.
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    East Yorkshire Round Robin

    Is there an easement for Scarborough on the normal ticket? Otherwise you'd be doubling back Seamer - Scarborough. And would the Round Robin be valid on multiple journeys? So for some pairs of stations it might be better to get the Round Robin?!
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    Manchester - London fare

    So it's an advance purchase Saturday travelcard, reservations required on Outward. And yes, I was also wondering why no booking engines show it valid on any services. That's a more difficult question, I think! Thanks though John - sheds some light on it!
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    Manchester - London fare

    I've come across a Manchester London Super Off Peak Day Travelcard valid via: Virgin Trains Only and priced £30.55, but can't work out which services it would be permitted on! Can anyone shed any light?
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    Class 458

    The 6.35 at Martin's Heron is from Reading. There, platforms 4A/4B are *just* long enough for 8 coaches. Anything longer would block the other platform's access, even if you could walk through to those coaches. Not SWT's fault. After Reading's remodelling, and platform extensions elsewhere it...
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    XC HSTs being shortened?

    Last few Bournemouth services I've seen have been 4 coaches which is ridiculous. Even a 5 coach 22x would be better, never mind about "Oh no, only 7 coach HSTs down to Plymouth!"
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    ECML Dec 2010 Timetable

    Please learn your three letter codes. KGX and EDB.
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    CP5 - what next for the railways

    The Matlock-Buxton link has been talked about seriously in the relatively recent past (ie has cropped up now and again in the last 10 years). I wouldn't put it as 'definitely not going to happen'.