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  • That's excellent news well done. I wish I was closer to other operating companies. Have you been in the rail industry before? I'm looking for any tips to get through driver manager interview.
    Hi do you have any tips on getting through a driver manager interview? I passed first time on all tests and driver interview went well, however there were quite a few internals got the job and some people from last year's pool of talent. Any advise would be great as I still have enhanced passes.

    I have also passed all and in GTR talent pool. Waiting for next course in southern coastal area.

    I’ve got my assessment day for Southeastern Trainee Driver coming up extremely soon (13th March). I don’t normally get that nervous but this is a huge exception. I’ve been waiting for this day since I was a little boy! Well I’m only 23 now, so still technically a little boy haha!

    I thought I would just swing you a message because I saw that you are at Grove Park. How did the interviews go, what sort of things did they ask you? If there’s absolutely anything pointers you could give me I would be unbelievably grateful, more than I am able to convey in this email.

    Thanks in advance and all the best to you,

    James – bevnae01@hotmail.co.uk
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