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    Irish Sea HSS

    The HSS has been affected by rising fuel prices and the route in general by the low cost airlines
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    Edinburgh tram system

    Just a guess, but probably because the current Scottish Executive wouldnt fund the tram lines on the bridge, and other associated tram lines that would be needed. And I doubt local councils and private investors could fund it alone The current Scotish Executive will only fund what Labour/Lib...
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    Victoria Coach Station takeover

    Victoria is run by TfL isn't it? I assume they own London Victoria Coach Station Ltd
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    Edinburgh tram system

    As far as I know the SNP wanted to scrap it, but then Labour, the Lib Dems and Conservatives would have passed a no confidence vote in the SNP government, and possibly caused new elections. So the SNP had to back down and allow the tram scheme to go ahead. But they wont fund any cost overruns or...
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    Tee-side Airport, any point?

    Low Cost flights are available from Newcastle to all destinations served from Teeside/Durham Tees Valley by low cost airlines except Warsaw. Of course that doesn't mean flights to some destinations wouldn't be cheaper from Teeside than Newcastle Newcastle is a base for Easyjet and Jet 2, with...
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    Tee-side Airport, any point?

    Arent those numbers not 100% accurate because 'all stations' tickets to a particular town are attributed to only one station (such as in Dorchester or Thorne)
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    Stone to regain rail service (and other bits).

    AFAIK the main train operator there will be Stagecaoch Midland, hence why they will operate it Doesnt Polesworth have a one way only service thoyugh?
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    Scarborough Spa Express

    Saw Duchess of Sutherland at Scarborough yesterday running around the stock - looked fine then. But it was an hour late coming in
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    High Level Output Statement rumours

    Today Sunday Times also says Savers may be deregulated, the DfT will say more work needs to be done on any High Speed Line, and nothing will be said on Crossrail until the Spending Review in the Autumn
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    Hull's New Travel Centre!

    Are you sure thats Hull station? :shock: Can hardly recognise it Looks better than before though :grin:
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    Torbay bus farce

    Stagecoach have been after First a lot in the South West recently - they have taken a over a lot of former First routes in North Devon, and competing with them on some other routes
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    DB Buy out EWS & Transfesa

    Surely EWS wouldnt loose all their coal traffic?
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    More 66's

    Didnt DRS want to use te 66/8 range, but couldn't because they clashed with the numbers of some carriages in either EMU's or DMU's?
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    where are these 442's going?

    But I imagine the FGW service in particular are used by more than just local passengers. Don't the DfT realise this? Also do SWT ever send an EMU to Brighton on the Basingstoke services?
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    where are these 442's going?

    Why would increased Reading-Gatwick services impact on Brighton-Cardiff - if Redaing-Gatwick was extended to Brighton I could perhaps understand it, as passengers from Brighton would only have to change at Reading to get to Bristol/Cardiff, and could avoid London. But even then what about...