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  • SprinterMan. Can you confirm the Anglia Class 37's are still running until Sept 8th? I am thinking of taking a trip to the area on 4th/5th September. TIA
    Hi, for VTEC the 1105 EMT hire-in actually departs at 1103, and the 1718 departing at 1717, confirmed with RTT. Also I've asked TfL for diagrams for LO\XR through FoI, so I'll message you if I manage to get a response
    Hi be nice to see diagrams for class 172s that comes to new st station on weekends. Just a suggestion.
    Sorry if you get this message more than once, Im hving laptop probs. re Chiltern Trains Loco. I think there may be a typo error on a train shown from Birmingham Moor St to Marylebone as follows; 1H62 BMO 1655 - MYB 1751 (1), I wonder if this entry, is maybe incorrect,? I had thought that there was a loco hauled train leaving BMO at 1555, getting into MYB around 1740 ish. rather than 1655, arrival 1751?
    If you're interested in adding it to the frequently requested diagrams page the
    0756 VIC - HRH 0903 2E12
    0909 HRH - VIC 1031 2E23
    Are 4 car 455 services mon - fri
    (The only 455s to visit Horsham)

    I also have diagrams for the 700s to Horsham and the 455 from Redhill if you're interested
    Thanks very much, i have put this in the thread and added you to the "with thanks to" list :)
    Hi Adam. I am after unit diagrams for GTR to see the milage the 387 do compaired to the 365. Do you know anywhere I can get them?

    Could you find out the East Midlands HST Hire in set diagrams for me please. Thanks be very grateful, NAT67
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