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    Railcard website currently broken

    Railcard site is still borked meaning I haven't been able to transfer my railcard to a new phone since their site 'upgrade' back in November. Luckily I haven't needed to go anywhere in the meantime, but I plan to travel at the weekend. Rather than carry my old phone around with me, I sent a...
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    New contactless Fares from Welwyn Garden City to Blackfriars

    I tried the journey yesterday. Had a 10p charge to my card soon after passing the gates at Welwyn Garden City, then the correct fare charged between 2-3am this morning. As I could start my return journey before 4pm, I saved a handsome £3.10 over carnet tickets + oyster z1-1 combos. I presume...
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    Welwyn Garden City PAYG Contactless Capping
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    Railcard website currently broken

    Yup, they're busted beyond belief. Being trying to move a railcard between phones since yesterday. Luckily I don't need it for a week or so. Must have got TSBs IT team in for their maintenance work. I work in the same field, this is very shabby. The advice I've seen is to pay for a full...
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    New contactless Fares from Welwyn Garden City to Blackfriars

    It's the abbreviation most people use for Welwyn Garden City - especially if you live there or thereabouts. Happily it is also is the station code...
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    New contactless Fares from Welwyn Garden City to Blackfriars

    I had ignored the option of using the paper ticket to St Pancras, heading up to ground level, exiting the barriers with the ticket, using Oyster/contactless to tap back in and going back down to the platform, then boarding a train one or two behind the one you were already on from Finsbury Park...
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    New contactless Fares from Welwyn Garden City to Blackfriars

    Not at the moment. If you're quick enough crossing the road at Kings Cross/St Pancras, you usually end up on an earlier train (or two) than you would from Finsbury Park. More so if the train is delayed. The journey planner allows 16 minutes to cross the road so always shows as much longer...
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    New contactless Fares from Welwyn Garden City to Blackfriars

    Using the fare finder ( I see the contactless fares between Welwyn Garden City (WGC) and Blackfriars (BFR) are Peak £9.10, Off Peak £6.50. I currently use a combination of Carnet Tickets and Oyster PAYG as I only travel...
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    Welwyn Garden City bridge refurbishment

    None that actually stop. I've had a good look and can't find any less than 27 minutes with the current timetable. Most of those are early, late or require getting a fast train to Welwyn North (17 minutes) and doubling back. You'd need two tickets or a season ticket covering the entire journey...
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    Welwyn Garden City bridge refurbishment

    It needs doing, however it's a shame that: They're not providing a temporary bridge/access like they did in Hatfield - I guess they had no alternative there and it would be prohibitively expensive. It's happening at the time of year it is - when the nights will be so dark. Pedestrians are...
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    Wrongly assumed facts by bus passengers

    I've never been on my local buses despite having a bus stop directly outside my house mainly because it's impossible to find out beforehand what the price of the journey is. I know bus drivers would prefer me to give the correct money. In these days you'd have thought type in bus number select...
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    GN Class 717

    I travelled on a 717 for the first time on Saturday as my usual train was typically cancelled due to lack of train crew (well it was a Saturday). The seats are far too hard for doing a 40+ minute journey - maybe they'll soften up a bit after some usage. It can get quite intimate trying to use...
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    Class 700 - Removal Of Rear 1st Declassifed Section

    Indeed when travelling on a Saturday evening from WGC to KGX, 50:50 I get the section to myself in rear declassified or share it with a staff member. Sometimes people will get on at Hatfield as the carriage is directly in front of the station entrance (I guess it's a longer walk at the other...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    I haven't worked out how the AC on a working 700 (through the core) seems to make the air fridge cold and humid at the same time. AC usually makes the air cold and dry... Haven't noticed this on the GN routes though.
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    Super Off-Peak validity early Monday morning

    I was looking at GreatNorthern planning a Sunday return trip from Welwyn Garden City to Finsbury Park and noticed that their site wants to sell me a Super Off-Peak ticket if I return before midnight and only an Off-Peak ticket if after. However I thought both Off-Peak and Super Off-Peaks tickets...