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Urban Gateline

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  • Hi Urban, just going for my assessment as gateline assistant with First, can you tell me what to expect in the assessment and interview Thanks
    Hi there Urban Gateline,
    I'm guessing you work for London Midland :)
    I am applying, and have an interview on Tuesday.
    What are LM like to work for? The uniform looks pretty sweet.
    London Midlands?? o congrats on that ...must have been a long tym since u work with SWT as ur post were from 1-2 years old
    No worries, glad to hear you got the job! I am working at Watford Junction now, used to be with SWT but now I'm with LM...wish you all the best for the future mate :)
    Thanks Urban Gateline u been a help ...are you based at waterloo ..i will defo would love to say thank in person when i start
    It may arrived today or tomorrow then? I would say be patient as your start date won't be immediate anyway, I had over a month wait from passing the medical to start date so you might too!
    O ok ...how long did yours take
    I called HR and they said my contract was sent out on Monday but i have yet to receive it ...last few letters i received have been 1st class which i receive straight away ..but yet to receive anything from Tuesday
    Congrats! They should send you your offer letter with start date in the post soon, might take a week or 2, hold tight!
    Chilli Palmer, I would advise you dress smartly to give the right impression. Even though it may not matter, still better not to risk it until you have a job offer from the TOC.
    Hello Urban, I hope you are well, i have been working for southern for a little while now I am awaiting the opportunity to progress off the gate line a few opportunity's have arisen for trainee train driver but it is company policy to wait 12 months before I am allowed to apply.
    Are you still on the gates at Clapham or did you manage to progress yourself?
    well good luck with your future kind regards Andylee7
    Hi Andy,
    I understand, it is important that you get it right! So far career progression has been very slow indeed for me despite trying hard to get another role within SWT. I have worked for them for a bit over a year and a half. I meant another role IN SWT, although that is mainly due to them being the only local TOC!
    Hi Urban, thanks for getting back to me,I was pretty sure you would of said southwest would of been best, what about career progression with southwest is it no good in your view?How long have you worked for southwest? and do you mean another role within southwest or somewhere else? thanks again, sorry about all the questions but i need to make the right choice
    Hi Andy,
    Sorry to say that I would go for Southern! Not only is the pay and terms better there but Southern actually appreciate their staff, I cannot wait quick enough to get into another role!
    Well done for passing both by the way!
    Hello Urban Gateline, I wonder if you could help me, if you was about to begin a new career as a gateline assistant and southwest and southern both offered you a job practically on the same day, which one would you go for? based on your experience working for southwest kindest regards Andylee
    Ryan, did you pass the assessments already then? If so, the interview questions are mainly scenario based, think of times when you have delt with a difficult customer, what did you do, what was the outcome and what could you have done better? Also times when you have had to work under pressure, I was also asked to point out hazards around the station environment, also examples of verbal and written communication. If you post your question on the forum itself you may get more in depth responses!
    Best of luck
    Hello people i got a interview for Gateline Assisstant based at london waterloo I'm wondering what sort of questions do they ask. And does anyone know abit of information about working at waterloo station
    Hope things on the gateline are going better than they are on board, got a train full of very unhappy passengers! :(
    Heya - was nice to meet you the other day (well, two!) while I was out and about in the area :) (not often I am down that way!)

    By the way, spot on about the 458's, got the 10:24 ex. Reading from platform 4 :) (and saw Britannia into the bargain as well :))
    It depends what you define Clapham Junction as I suppose ;) I'd say Urban Gateline! However I wanted to follow Suburban Guard's name structure hence Suburban Gateline!
    Had a username change I see ;) What are you, an 'urban' gateline (as on here) or an 'suburban' gateline as on twitter? ;) :lol:
    hello mosleyboy i read at one of the forums that u work at gateline for sw trains and i have the same interview coming up.. i was wondering if u can help me out please on wt sort of questions they ask on the interview.. cheers.. you can message me back on [email protected].. thanks
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