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    Flam - Myrdal railway

    I can also recommend the pub in Flam, brewed on the premises beer & distilled on the premises Aquavit
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    Chelsfield and Knockholt

    From memory, Horley, Charlwood & Gatwick were all listed in the 1972 Local Government act as moving from Surrey to Sussex. But these provisions weren't due to take effect until 1974 In the meantime the voters of Charlwood & Horley complained and got those bits of the act suspended/cancelled so...
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    Season Ticket Route: Faygate to London

    If I have a 7 day season ticket from Faygate [FGT] to London zones 1-6; Is this valid via Three Bridges & Horsham (although not on the same journey) Is this valid on trains which don't stop at Faygate? (eg between Crawley & Horsham) especially as there is no service at weekends for Faygate.
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    Tramlink Route Numbers

    Post removed after reflection
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    Trivia; the Southern commuter songbook

    Flanders & Swan - On the Slow Train
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    What is the Longest Disused Railway Tunnel in UK

    I've been on a trip through the Standedge Canal tunnel on one of the occasional trips run by the visitor centre at Marsden. As we went through a transit was tracking us and checking we made each point from the next tunnel as part of the safety procedures. I recall the guide saying they had...
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    Touching out with an Oyster not possible

    When I went to Tower Hill to see the poppies at the Tower (first week in November) the instructions being called out by staff at the exit were clear. Paper tickets straight through, oyster still needed to be touched out. The exits were all open, but as we still went through the gates we...
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    FGW suspended - alternative routes

    Shalford is accessible on foot from both sides. Past the convenience store on the Guildford platform & past the pub on the Redhill platform. But from above I don't think it is the bridge between the platforms but the footbridge furether along. (I finished a walk there a few weeks back.)
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    Trivia: Stations with entrances and exits into commercial properties

    Crawley Station has an exit to the Arora Hotel via a digi-lock gate on platform 2. I guess you get the code for the gate when you make a booking.
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    Gatwick platform 7

    The bridge at the south end was not disused but carried a public footpath across it.
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    Refunds for overcrowding?

    I have made a claim to this effect - I had an advance ticket so I had no choice of train, find my seat? No chance, I was on the platform the train before the train arrived at the station the train originated from. Reservation in coach B - train arrived coaches labelled G, F, E & D. Further...
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    Fate of footpath crossings on electricfication?

    Last time I took a train that way (on way to go for a walk) I counted over a dozen footpath crossings.
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    Split Advances / changing station

    Thank you all for your comments - I'll have to study my options for travel.
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    Split Advances / changing station

    Sorry I couldn't think of a clearer short description. Can two tickets be combined / considered as one journey where there is a walk between two stations? Examples: From Three Bridges, to go north of London I will buy a ticket to St Pancras then walk to whichever station my train goes...