Huddersfield railway station improvements

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    2 May 2015
    I have some information about some new station improvements to Huddersfield railway station. I couldn't find an existing thread so I started a new one. :D

    A recent planning application submitted to Kirklees council shows that First Transpennine Express want to:

    A) Convert a training room in the stations right wing into a first class lounge

    B) Install 3 fully glazed waiting rooms on platforms 1, 2 and on the island platform between platforms 4 and 8.

    C) Install Long Stay Car Parking Lighting

    D) 2 of the documents also hinted at the fact they may relocate the ticket barriers from inside the ticket hall to just outside the doors leading to platform 1.

    View the application here:

    Another application from 2013 shows that they are going to hopefully install a wall cladding system and better lighting in the subway to improve the look and atmosphere of the subway.

    View the application here:

    Also a document from the West Yorkshire combined authority in January 2015 outlines some more future improvements to the station.

    Other documents (including some more recent documents which I could not find again) including Initial Industry Plan Supporting Document - Definition of proposed CP5 enhancements September 2011 shows that improvements to Huddersfield railway station include outline future capacity improvements to Huddersfield railway station these include.

    A) Potential construction of new through platform (number 9)

    B) Potential extension of platform 1 eastwards to provide a longer Penistone bay (platform 2) to accommodate peak hour train lengthening on the Sheffield – Penistone route

    C) Potential extension of platform 4; and potential remodelling of the east end station layout to give longer platforms 5, 6 and 8 and access to the stabling sidings.

    So lots of improvements are proposed for Huddersfield and I expect there will be some more solid information on the possible capacity improvements in the coming months. :D
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