"Jobsworth" is it an insult?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fred26, 24 Aug 2019.

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    23 Jan 2014
    All the times I can ever recall having been called it or witnessed other staff being called it , it has been meant as an insult . And almost exclusively by someone pushing their luck with something , and facing a member of staff who dont let them do something they are not allowed to do .

    A common example is when dealing with ticketing . I was called it recently when I had the audacity to challenge someone on a peak time service which always gets full and standing by its destination because they had an advance ticket for a train an hour and a half later which would not have been as busy . Personally it seems common sense to me that people travelling with advance tickets for an off peak train during peak time should be made to pay for a peak ticket or alight and wait for their booked service . I apply leeway to advance tickets at locations like airports when in some instances there are formal easements and in others it is obvious why people would miss advance trains . But to not challenge someone on a peak train with a cheap advance for a later train would be unfair on passengers who have paid peak time fares .

    Ive also been called it for other more important stuff like asking people to take responsibility for their children running up and down a train , or doing other dangerous stuff in other jobs I have had , telling people to stop smoking . Instances when actually if I was found not to be telling people to do or not do something I could be subject to disciplinary action . Personally I take it with a pinch of salt , have been called much worse and will then usually just continue to insist that the person does as they are told .
    Whilst having been on the receiving end of such stuff as I am sure most of us will have been and agreeing that it is totally frustrating . And I dont know for sure from your post if you would advocate this btw but I dont see what benefit there would be , or how it is going to alleviate things by calling the staff member concerned a jobsworth . It almost always will make someone more defensive of their position .

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