The award for clag video of the year goes to-----

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4 Mar 2010
From a quick browse around Youtube, Russias' diesel locos seem to be absolutely abysmal for meeting environmental standards, though absolutely awesome for hellfire clag at the same time! It seems to be the 3TE10 type locos that are the main culprits.

For instance, I would absolutely hate to be stuck in the rear cab of the loco on the rear of this train while passing through that tunnel:

And this is what happens when one of those beasts gets a bit boisterous!:lol:
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Additionally, to give some credit to our home traction, 56301 recently put up one hell of a fight for the gold medal at the Swanage Railway diesel gala, and I've personally seen a couple of 56s form an opaque smokescreen across entire stations!
And from a more distant perspective (This view of it is incredible):
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