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    185 stevieoz
  2. Xenophon PCDGS
    Xenophon PCDGS Whistler40145
    Will ye nae come back again
  3. anamyd
    anamyd 33Hz
    I like you, you're a nice frequency.
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    2. anamyd
      we all bassheads as well then...?
      18 Mar 2019 at 01:07
    3. Dren Ahmeti
      Dren Ahmeti
      Wub wub wub? :)
      18 Mar 2019 at 01:10
    4. anamyd
      I like a little bit of that. Prefer pure lows :)
      18 Mar 2019 at 01:20
  4. 507021
    I picked up my project car today, I'm very happy with it.
    1. anamyd
      What is it...? I'm curious! Your blog is great btw, even though I'm usually not in Northernland :)
      18 Mar 2019 at 18:21
    2. 507021
      It's a Vauxhall Cavalier mate. Thanks for your comments about the blog, I really appreciate it. :-)
      19 Mar 2019 at 21:11
  5. LUYMun
    Modelling a layout
  6. AshDee
    Failed my drivers assessment today gutted is an understatement ...
  7. Firepig
    Firepig AshDee
    Hi Ash
    Sorry to hear you didn't get through today, I know how you are feeling I was on the same assessment as you today and failed the high and low tones,good luck for next time.
    1. AshDee
      You too x I knew what I’d done as soon as I did it gutted is an understatement !! Good luck to you too may see you in 6 months x
      8 Mar 2019
    2. Beth
      hiya, which toc were you with? i have mine on monday for northern just wondering if you could tell me which tests you did? thanks x
      11 Mar 2019
  8. dave3775
    dave3775 OneLowban
    Hello I was wondering if you could help me I have the multi model interview coming up and was wondering if you knew what type of questions they ask?
    Many thanks
    1. OneLowban
      Check PM.
      10 Mar 2019
  9. Tio Terry
    Tio Terry dk1
    Hi dk

    I managed 53 years before I retired. Started my railway career at Norwich S&T in 1964, spent a lot of time around that area but I've not been back there for a few years so my knowledge of what's been done is not too good.
    One of my jobs years ago was to re-balance the tablets in the two tablet machines at Reedham and Breydon Junctions.
    1. dk1
      Hello mate

      Breydon is a particular favourite of mine as moved to the Suspension Tavern pub opp Vauxhall Stn in 76 & remember it up to its abolition in Nov 77. Was slowly falling backwards.
      8 Mar 2019
  10. chrisdmadd
  11. DaveF
    DaveF Mojo
    Is there any reasons why this evening I have received a number of e mails concerning "Your RailUK Christmas Card 2010"?
    I cannot find any post of mine under this topic, what is going on.

    I haven't posted anything on this forum for a very long time and cannot find anything about the above item on this forum,.

    To be honest I am somewhat annoyed.

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    2. Mojo
      It is because, in your personal settings, you chose to receive an email whenever a conversation message is received.
      5 Mar 2019
    3. Articuno
      Hey everyone, back in 2010 we all replied to the Christmas card forum thread and our settings subscribed us to receive reply notifications to it.
      Someone randomly replied to that one thread all these years later and we all got notified for it. The reason you can't see it anymore is because the admins probably cleaned it up. Therefore you won't get anymore notifications haha
      5 Mar 2019
    4. celdor
      Hi, I too got this, & replies which seemed to mean I had re-sent it!!!?. I dont use this "Tiscali" email much & had spam on it 2018. Wondered if it was when talktalk was hacked ,never followed it up it is a "grandfathered" email as I dont use talktalk as my ISP. Changed p'word, but as I forgot the old one dont see how anyone couldve got it.
      Just want to let you know I personally didnt send any emails.
      5 Mar 2019
  12. Deerfold
    Deerfold ACBest
    Your young drivers post raised a smile.
  13. Peter C
    Peter C
    Compiling unit diagrams using RTT is a nightmare at times.
  14. Peter C
    Peter C
    #newprofilepic and all that
  15. hexagon789
    3 hours 59, beat that!
  16. FGW_DID
    FGW_DID sidb
    Did you manage to get 68033 & 88002 at Oxford?
  17. E_Reeves
    Please mind the gap between the timetable and reality
  18. KAO
    My son has a Two Together railcard with my wife and another one with me. Can the 3 of us travel together at a discount with the 2 railcards?
  19. Wax1210
    Can any one help please after basic signalling 2 download or any info on points thanks
  20. DJ_K666
    Pull the other one. It's got bells on
  21. Modron
    Modron Xenophon PCDGS
  22. FlybeDash8Q400
  23. Malcmal
    Malcmal Brush 4
    Thank you for posting what other people are surely thinking!! Hope you don't get into too much hot water for it ;-)
  24. EBlackadder
    EBlackadder OneLowban

    I saw on one of the threads that you'd PM'd someone regarding the likely questions for the MMI. Would you mind sharing any info you've got? I've git mine coming up later this week and whilst I've done quite a bit of work, the fear js starting to set in!

  25. Xenophon PCDGS
    Xenophon PCDGS
    Older, but not always wiser.
  26. Peter C
    Peter C
    I'm fairly sure that I'm still not on a train.
  27. Mag_seven
    Mag_seven Bungle965
    I'd say "The Economist" is essential reading on any railtour!
  28. phame
    phame Nuttytoffee
    Hello mate i saw on one post which said you recently got a job at chiltern railway, i just wanted to know if you had any light on how they feel about drivers who have had incidents joining the company.
  29. LUYMun
    Update your status...
  30. Peter C
    Peter C
    Still not on a train.