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  2. AM9
    AM9 LDECRexile
    Hi Dave, hope that you are well. I see from your recent post in the Blackpool thread that you are having problems with uploading the video clips of Poulton Signal box's demise to flikr. Is there anything that I can help with? Maybe send me one file to recode to see if that changes anything. Sometimes, online video sites ca be a little fussy.
    ESONEULB Cavey81
    She did the assessment.

    I've just had an email

    In preparation for your upcoming Line Manager Interview we would like you to complete The Hogan Personality Inventory (Safety Report) personality assessment (HPI)..
    1. Cavey81
      Just got that too. Hopefully we'll get interview dates soon!
      22 Feb 2018 at 18:16
      Got to do my DMI research now
      22 Feb 2018 at 18:17
    ESONEULB Cavey81
    No but I will today

    Do you have a contact number for Naomi?

    I have Go Ahead House HR number
    1. Cavey81
      Sorry who's Naomi?
      22 Feb 2018 at 13:12
    ESONEULB Cavey81
    What date was your assessment?
    Mine was the 6th Feb
    1. Cavey81
      5th Feb. Only two of us passed. Have you chased them up at all?
      22 Feb 2018 at 10:25
  6. Marc1
    Has anyone else got through to or already had the interview for trainee tram driver with first group in Croydon
  7. HowardGWR
    HowardGWR IanXC
    Whenever I try and edit my post, it just hangs with a hanging black oblong top right. I tried to report the post but that made it hangs too! Any idea what is going wrong please? Regards, Howard
    PS tried several of my posts but they all hang when I press the 'edit' button
    1. IanXC
      Have you tried using a different browser, and if thats not helped a different device?
      20 Feb 2018 at 00:22
  8. Paul Sidorczuk
    Paul Sidorczuk TimSYoung40145
    Hope to see you back again soon on the Quizzes and Games forum.
    1. backontrack
      18 Feb 2018 at 19:02
  9. backontrack
    backontrack BBGL
    Welcome to the forums :)
  10. backontrack
    backontrack Mary Bale
    Welcome to RailUK :)
  11. TT-ONR-NRN
    TT-ONR-NRN zac embleton
    Good name :P
    1. backontrack
      A word of explanation: TT-ONR-NRN is also a Zac, although he prefers to be called Zachary.
      16 Feb 2018
    2. TT-ONR-NRN
      No I don’t!!!!
      16 Feb 2018
  12. backontrack
    backontrack LJCOOL
    Welcome to RailUKforums :)
  13. backontrack
  14. backontrack
    backontrack zac embleton
    Welcome to the forum :)
    1. zac embleton
      zac embleton
      16 Feb 2018
    2. backontrack
      You're welcome!
      16 Feb 2018
  15. backontrack
    backontrack Breadman
    Happy birthday :)
  16. TT-ONR-NRN
    TT-ONR-NRN Breadman
    Yo Happy Birthday :)
  17. djpontrack
    djpontrack 507021
    What's happened to your avatar mate?
    1. backontrack
      15 Feb 2018
  18. Blindtraveler
  19. backontrack
    backontrack A Challenge
    You do realise that you are allowed to strike through your Cannon Street post?

    I will leave you to decide.
    1. A Challenge
      A Challenge
      You can't strikethrough valid posts
      19 Feb 2018 at 16:59
    ESONEULB purplejonesy
    Thank you for your help

    Every bit of extra info is always a help

    How was your first few days training ?
  21. 59CosG95
    There's nothing on earth that can make you as tearfully proud of Scots heritage as hearing "Flower of Scotland" on the pipes at Murrayfield.
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    2. backontrack
      Yeah...I don't know what happened at Twickenham though...the band were spot on for GSTQ but awfully out of sync and tune for Land of My Fathers...
      14 Feb 2018
    3. 59CosG95
      Definite sense of "home bias" for each match - I suspect the same may have happened for La Marseillaise at Murrayfield.
      14 Feb 2018
    4. backontrack
      Perhaps. As an Englishman I believe that we have the world's worst anthem however. It's a grim dirge compared to the likes of FoS and LM!
      14 Feb 2018
    ESONEULB purplejonesy
    Hornsey Depo is Great Northern and Thameslink trains.. Did you swat up on all three areas?
    I've researched
    Hornsey Depo
    Great Northern
    And Thameslink
    1. purplejonesy
      Hornsey is great northern.
      Cricklewood is thameslink

      I mainly revised great northern and GTR as a whole
      14 Feb 2018
    ESONEULB purplejonesy
    Thank you for your insight.
    I tried to write my 7 questions down when I got home.
    Did you try and contract Go Ahead House HR or did you just wait for your next stage?
    I feel like I need to contract them at the end of this week as that will be 10 days since my assessment
    1. purplejonesy
      I tried contacting them for updates every so often.

      But 10 days isn't really that long. Give it about a month and then worry lol
      14 Feb 2018
    ESONEULB purplejonesy
    Wow that's such a long gap.. is that normal?
    'How did that make you feel?
    Self reflecting answer.
    Interesting.. Showing you stayed calm and in control. Also that it did not effect you etc
    Basically all the traits of a train driver. ?
    1. purplejonesy
      I hope it's not normal. It's because I started apply for a shunter position and then train driver.

      Kind of. I gave answers like how it surprised me that I remained calm in that situation.
      How you felt proud and that you learnt something etc
      14 Feb 2018
  26. backontrack
    backontrack Strathclyder
    Kippers for breakfast, Aunt Helga? Is it St. Swithin's Day already?
    1. TT-ONR-NRN
      I’m sorry, what?
      13 Feb 2018
    2. Strathclyder
      That is a quote from the episode my new avatar is pulled from, I believe. Season 6 Episode 1 - Bart of Darkness.
      13 Feb 2018
    3. TT-ONR-NRN
      Oh I see haha. Coolio.
      13 Feb 2018
    ESONEULB purplejonesy
    Hi mate,

    Congrats on getting through to the training course..

    I've passed the assessment and am now waiting for an MMI interview date for the same depo as you. Hornsey

    If you don't mind could you tell me more about the MMI Interview and the DMI interview?

    What would be your advice?

    I'm not after having my hand held , I was just after your thoughts etc

    Cheers Richard
    1. purplejonesy
      Thank you.

      I'm not sure in what order you have done things.
      On my first day of assessment centre, one of the last things i had to do was write down about 7 examples of when I have done something e.g. shown competence. These were going to be the examples I had to expand on for my MMI.
      13 Feb 2018
    2. purplejonesy
      For me however there was a good 4-5 month gap between my two assessment centre days. Luckily they let me read my notes I had written on the first day before talking about them, and was allowed to talk about something else if I had thought of anything better.
      13 Feb 2018
    3. purplejonesy
      Then there was a good 6 month gap l, maybe more, between MMI and DMI. The DMI was a lot more relaxed in nature, but more pressure. Essentially asking the same questions as the MMI in terms of examples.

      For the MMI be prepared for a lot of 'How did that make you feel?' Questions at the end of your examples. It's quite off putting but be sure to have a self reflecting answer to it, other then, I felt alright
      13 Feb 2018
  28. IainG81
    Metro reports "Diesel trains could be taken off the tracks to help cut carbon emissions, by 2040".
  29. JoDo
    Driving..catch me if u can..
  30. djpontrack
    djpontrack 507021
    I enjoyed the trip mate. New shacks, new units for haulage and a couple of pints.
    1. 507021
      I did too mate, it was great to meet you. We'll have to do it again soon. :-)
      11 Feb 2018
    2. djpontrack
      Great to meet you too. I'm always up for a trip out. We could do a Merseyrail shack and unit bash or perhaps a Manchester tram bash.
      11 Feb 2018