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    Two Together Railcard returns 3 March 2014

    As a single person it looks like I'll have to part subsidise parasitic scum from now on. :mad:
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    Mk4s a long way from home

    There's a DVT and a Mk 4 parked up at the Barton Hill depot in Bristol... wondering what they would be doing this far from Class 91 Land?
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    High Speed Music

    The Sisters of Mercy - Long Train Pity it's not the same idea discussed by Radcliffe & Maconie a few weeks ago on doing a Kraftwerk pastiche, something along the lines of Sitting in Bolton at a roadside cafe Meet Johnny Vegas and Peter Kay Trans Pennine Express Trans Pennine Express...
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    Still waiting to see when they start work on the Passenger Shed at Temple Meads!
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    Eurotunnel Class 0031 - Top Secret Design?

    Curious to know what they look like, there seem to be NO images for these at all on the Web! Captured alien technology? Will I get a visit from the Men in Back for even asking this?
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    Now Playing....

    You really can't go wrong with some AC/DC... watch?v=JGftIcp2SC0
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    Now Playing....

    Prog disco anyone? watch?v=-YtX4V6dNuA
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    Where will you be this X-mas and how are you travelling

    I'll be round my nephew's house. He has two young daughters (6 and 4) so me and nearby relatives will be round there. Still racking my brain as what to get them (got Monday off to finish shopping). Getting there involves a weird form of transport involving moving my legs back and forth...
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    Now Playing....

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    First Great Western to be renamed/reliveried?

    Well, 57604 Pendennis Castle is in a rather fetching dark green, so on the Night Riviera Sleeper if nothing else... :)
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    Hastings Diesel Unit

    Would like to see it in Bristol again at some time. Saw it from the road at Temple Meads last year whilst on the way past, didn't know what it was at the time.
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    2013 Gigs

    VNV Nation - Fleece, Bristol - 5-11-13 I was there! Not normally into thumpy 4/4 electronic stuff, but I do like VNV. Got a signed CD. Also in the past couple of weeks I've seen Steven Wilson and Savages. Next week, Zappa Plays Zappa.
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    Moving Derailed freight wagons

    "Fright wagons"? I suppose they'd just have to close the ghost train for the day... ;)
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    passengers who stand when there are seats available

    ...And what's with people who stand in the way of the fold down seats? If they want to stand, why block it for others?
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    Your Phone

    Shiny new Sony Xperia L, in black. :cool: