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    How many applications and interviews until you cracked it?

    I was a bus/coach driver for 15 years before joining the railway....and i’m so glad I managed to get a foot in the door for so many reasons...even before covid. I applied in October’18....and went through all of the tests etc to start July’19. Thinking back to the whole process I consider...
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    Test for Everyday Attention (TEA-OCC)

    I’d say the ATAVT is around 1 sec which is still the blink of an eye. Not enough time to scan the entire image as you normally would on any picture.....try to ‘squint’ at the screen....a bit like the old MagicEye stand a much better chance of catching all the various things in...
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    ATAVT Testing and scoring.

    Therein lies the rub.....we’d all love to know what the pass mark is and how well we scored compared to that....but those figures are always baffling. I’ve asked my company about how I scored and they wont tell me. Good luck with it though.
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    ATAVT Testing and scoring.

    I echo others comments in that you’ll easily notice a car but it’s the small road signs etc that you’ll need to pick up on. It’s almost better to ‘squint’ at the screen...for want of a better word....a general stare at the screen rather than trying to dart your eyes all over the screen in the...
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    WAVF Psychometric Test

    Slowly move your head backwards and forwards so your eyes are constantly re-focusing. And as soon as you have acknowledged a colour change do a long blink to refresh your eyes.
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    I got the same. I think we’d all do the assessment again and it would just sit there again.
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    In the crazy world of railway recruitment i’m surprised we even got a rejection email....let alone the reason why.....even if we weren’t in the middle of all this lockdown etc
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    NEW 06/03/2020 Thameslink / Great Northern Trainee driver advert for LDN Hornsey & Brighton depots!

    I just got the NO too...... ....i’m as white as they come....and I already work for a TOC....and i’ve done all the psychometric tests before... ....they’re just whittling down the numbers and sometimes you miss the pass mark by one or two. Best of luck to all those who get’s a...
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    I’m a shunter with another TOC....and very happy doing that for a while.....couldn’t afford the pay cut to do the training as well.....but i’m sure it’ll suit’s a great opportunity
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    I withdrew my interview and application today. With everything else going on i’d prefer someone else to get my interview point going through with it if my hearts not in it and my gut instinct says not to. Best of luck to you all though....the railway is an awesome place to work.
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    ‘How did that make you feel?’ ‘mmm....but how did that make you feel?’ ‘I did that make YOU feel?’
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    I just got one o’luck!
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    Multi modal interview: ‘give me an example of when you did X to achieve X’.....’and how did that make you feel’ Driver manager interview: ‘tell us why you’re right for the job and give us examples of when you did X’
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs (18/03/2020)

    I’ve had nothing so far either way....good luck all.