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  • Just found an old RUK cookie in one of my browser backups, and through it managed to regain access to my Rail UK account! Surprised (But very happy) to see it's still here and still works! :o 8-)

    Now...I must have a LOT of topics to catch-up on. Where to start... :D <D
    Death, your return has been noticed, I don't know when it occurred, but welcome back! If you'd pardon the pun again, nice to see you 'back from the dead'...
    I'm still very much alive, everyone...Just seem to have turned into too much of a Facebook addict over the last year! :oops: :lol:

    Will try and swing back here much more often though. This place is far more interesting than Facebook! <D
    Looks like certain factions of the Anti-HS2 lobby have been having some fun with Photoshop, I thought you might be interested:

    This “artists impression” attempts to depict the proposed HS2 viaduct through Berkswell, and, even ignoring the total ignorance of scale, perspective and height, it seems that, according to this picture, all your dreams are going to come true! 250mph APT-P trains are going to run on HS2!!! :D

    Your posts are always entertaining to read, I wish you posted as often as some of the other members on this forum! Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation.

    Cheers from across the pond!
    Hail Death! <D<D

    You got the 1990 World Speed Record TGV for MSTS or anything faster? I've done London - York in about 45 minutes in it and it seems like your sort of thing!
    Hail Death!

    Ta for the friend request! Got the e-mail about it and wondered what the hell it is, was pleasantly surprised to get the request!

    Keep on rocking matey, I have been to Disturbed all evening!

    Until the next time,

    Julian, in need of a HST bash :lol:
    I agree with you about the bringing back BR but I think its somewhat unrealistic but I would like to see it happen.
    I like your posts,but find them weird..just odd ideas and ramblings..Nice to be in your world!!!
    Hi Death

    Glad to see you are still around here, I enjoy reading your posts! :)
    Especially the one in General Discussion about the tresspasser .... <D

    Keep it up!

    Ryan :)
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