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    the most over the top restrictions introduced

    Watch TalkRadio, they certainly question the current narrative.
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    The UK and Europe’s response to COVID vs the Far East and China.

    Also, according to Worldometers.. China - Population 1,439,323,776 -- Total Cases -- 87,591 Bahrain - Population 1,732,347 -- Total Cases - 95,879 Interesting how China, with a population 830 times that of Bahrain has less cases.. But no, of course we can 100% rely on the data coming from...
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    TalkRadio is really good, you can also watch it live on YouTube.
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    Rail fares to rise by an average of 2.6%

    I've just seen this on BBC News that rail fares will rise an average of 2.6% I wonder how this will go about enticing the public back to rail. It is interesting though that next year the higher fares will not come into force until March. Below is the article from BBC News "Rail fares...
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    How much money is the railway losing during the pandemic.

    If that was right at the time of the article being published, (mid September) then it would put the cost at around £580,000,000 per month! Or around £800,000 per hour since March 23rd.
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    How much money is the railway losing during the pandemic.

    I am just curious as to roughly how much money the railway as a whole (or region) is losing at the moment. This comes off the back of an announcement the other day that TFL need £1.8 Billion just to survive until March. I also remember a few months ago a document was released somewhere with how...
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    Further Restrictions Announced by Johnson (22/09)

    When 98% of the deaths are happening in Hospitals and Care homes, I agree. 1600779062 Sorry you mean 2042? Don't forget the military at the end of every street ;)
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    Should we go back into lockdown at this point?

    For me it was when Ferguson, the person who created all these "Models" believed in it so much that he went doing things he shouldn't have.. all around London! One rule it seems.
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    You have a point indeed, and it is certainly worth keeping an eye on. There is a small rise on the right hand side of the graph, but then it drops again. Sadly with the damage that is currently being done to our economy, I wonder how long it will be until there are massive cuts in our NHS.
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    Covid : Infection rates v death rates and a possible second wave

    Where is the evidence of hospital admissions going up? I work in a hospital and we have never been quieter! This is my source for the graph below.
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    Discussion about free banking.

    Because banks "Borrow" your money, and give you 0.01% but when you want to "Borrow" money from the bank it's 19.9% if not more. That's how they make their money.
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    Discussion about free banking.

    Mods note - separated from this thread. Coming back to the cashless society that keeps on being talked about. I'm more for freedom of choice. After all, the easier you make it for people to buy things the...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    It would seem this mornings northbound Fort William portion didn't go so well today due to a fatality. Thoughts are with everyone involved. It is nice however to see that sleeper wise, things are slowly getting back to normal.
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    Travelling during a storm on purpose, hoping to get money back (hypothetical)

    I know for sure when travelling on the Caledonian Sleeper a delay would be most welcome if I don't have anywhere I need to be urgently, full refund a nice lie in, even better when heading north into the Highlands!
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    Severe overhead wire damage near York 02/12

    1E13 (07:55 Inverness to London King's Cross) seems to be heading Northbound now. I wonder if that set will go to Newcastle and become 1W96?