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6 Jun 2005
Here are details of what is on offer on various TOCs:

LNER will begin trials of an ‘at-seat’ catering offer onboard trains this August.

The service will enable customers to order and pay for food and drinks from their phone in the comfort of their own seat, without having to visit the onboard cafe bar.

The digital in-seat app ‘Let’s Eat – At Your Seat’ will be available to customers in both Standard and First Class.
We're bringing back a limited onboard catering offer for our passengers in Standard and First Class.

Whether you're returning to the office or using your saved up annual leave for a well deserved getaway, keep yourself fueled up throughout your entire journey.
Catering - Catering is now available on-board our services. To keep our customers and colleagues safe, catering will be provided from a static location at one end of the train. On-board colleagues will make regular announcements to let customers know when and where to find our catering trolley.

Customers are welcome to bring their own food on-board for their journey and face coverings can be removed only whilst food & drink is being consumed. If you are travelling with us in Wales, please note that under current guidelines the consumption of food and drink is banned on-board.
Although we have started to re-introduce catering on a small number of our services, you may still want to bring your own drinks and snacks.
our Shop onboard Pendolino services will be open with protective screens and safety lines in place.
Unfortunately Shops onboard Voyager services are currently closed. Because of this, there are no Food and Beverage options available onboard these services.
Please see below a menu showing the current products that are available onboard Pendolino services....
TransPennine Express do not currently have a date for the return of onboard catering.

East Midlands Railway plan to catering back onboard trains from 17th August.

Please note:

To discuss what you would like to see offered please use the following thread:

This thread is to discuss what is actually being offered.

Thank you :)
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29 Mar 2013
I notice that LNER say a limited menu but they don't mention what exactly that is though.