How much of the Underground map have YOU covered?

Discussion in 'London Underground' started by 90sWereBetter, 18 Feb 2013.

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  1. 90sWereBetter

    90sWereBetter Member

    13 Nov 2012
    Lost somewhere within Bank-Monument tube station,
    I was thinking about how much of the London Underground map (including Overground and DLR) I've covered over the years. This is what I've done so far.

    Bakerloo: Warwick Avenue to the Elephant.
    Central: Shepherd's Bush to Debden (excluding the Hainault loop which I haven't touched so far)
    Circle: All of it.
    District: Tower Hill to Wimbledon, and up to Edgware Road.
    Hammersmith and City: Hammersmith to Mile End.
    Jubilee: Baker Street to Stratford.
    Metropolitan: Aldgate to Baker Street :oops:
    Northern: The entire Bank branch, and the Charing Cross branch up to Waterloo. Haven't been further north than Camden Town.
    Piccadilly: Finsbury Park to Earls Court
    Victoria: Vauxhall to Walthamstow Central
    Waterloo and City: All of it. :p

    I also did the old East London line back in August 2007, from Whitechapel to Canada Water. Quaint little line back then. I wish I'd been older to have had more trips on it before the upgrade, but hey ho. :)

    Overground: East London line from Canada Water to Dalston Junction. North London line from Caledonian Road and Barnsbury, to Willesden Junction.

    DLR: The entire original Stratford branch, Bank to Greenwich, and Poplar to Cusom House.

    On Saturday, I have plans to go up to Archway on the Northern. After catching the number 41 bus to Turnpike Lane, I should clear a little bit more of the Piccadilly. And I intend to finally clear Tower Gateway, which I should have done back in February 2008. Got there on the day, and found out that the service had been suspended due to signal failure. <(

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum.
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  3. MidnightFlyer

    MidnightFlyer Veteran Member

    16 May 2010
    I've covered all of it (LUL, DLR and LOROL) save Acton Town-Turnham Green on the District line.
  4. steamybrian

    steamybrian Established Member

    26 Nov 2010
    I have covered the whole system..
  5. crispy1978

    crispy1978 Established Member

    4 Feb 2013
    Probably 150 stations, spent a day on the underground when I was a teenager doing loads of stations, but no real planning went in to it!
  6. Buttsy

    Buttsy Established Member

    20 May 2011
    All of the following:
    Metropolitan, District, Central, Northern, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Waterloo & City, Hammersmith & City, Circle.
    Need to do:
    Piccadilly: Northfields - Heathrow
    Victoria: Victoria - Brixton
    Overground: Surrey Quays - Queens Road Peckham & Wandsworth Road - Clapham Junction
    DLR: All apart from Tower Gateway/Bank - Stratford/Lewisham
  7. ert47

    ert47 Member

    28 Feb 2010
    Still got the majority of the North West of the network to do and the DLR to Beckton. Probably will do the Emirates Air Line this weekend

    EDIT: Not sure about this weekends engineering works, but when I did the Piccadilly up to Cockfosters, I got the 384 bus over to High Barnet, could help you clear the lines faster! :)
    Last edited: 18 Feb 2013
  8. starrymarkb

    starrymarkb Established Member

    4 Aug 2009
    All but the West Ruislip of the Central (including Ongar)
    The whole District (if you count the parallel NSE & WLL oh and if you ignore the spur between Gunnersbury and Turnham Green)
    Furthest extremities of the Northern line are Balham, Kentish Town and Colindale)
    Victoria I've done as far south as Victoria (and the one time I did venture to Brixton I caught the bus from Victoria as I didn't fancy walking from Brixton to Mass in what I was wearing - yes I was going to Torture Garden)
    Picc I've done Southgate to Heathrow
    Complete Circle and H&C
    Jubliee I've done Baker Street to Stratford (and possibly Charing X)
    Bakerloo I've done Waterloo to Willisden Junc
    Met I've done Aldgate to Amersham
    DLR All bar Woolwich and Stratford Int branches (haven't been on it since they opened)
  9. Clip

    Clip On Moderation

    28 Jun 2010
    I think Ive covered it all over the years of living here.
  10. 33056

    33056 Established Member

    12 Nov 2007
    On a train somewhere in Europe
    Covered all of it including such delights as Epping to Ongar and the Bakerloo line to Watford Junction.
  11. Blindtraveler

    Blindtraveler Established Member

    28 Feb 2011
    Nowhere near enough to a Pacer :(
    East London Line (was on the last day before closure)
    Jublie from Stratford as far as Baker Street
    victoria, Circle, Pickadilly as far as KX from Heathrow, Northern, Waterloo and City, Central as far as Stratford, Bakerloo from Embankment to Lambeth North, Met from Kings X to Barbican, same with H and S, District.

    DLR All bar Woolwich and Stratford Int branches



  12. trivran

    trivran Member

    23 Apr 2012
    All of it.
  13. moogal

    moogal Member

    18 Oct 2012
    Bakerloo: Willesden Junction - Elephant & Castle
    Central: Ealing Broadway - Leytonstone.
    Circle: all
    District: Upminster - Ealing Broadway, Edgware Road - Wimbledon, Earls Court - Kew Gardens. (so only Richmond and Kensington Olympia left)
    Hammersmith & City: all
    Jubilee: West Hampstead - Stratford
    Metropolitan: Amersham/Uxbridge to Aldgate. (only Chesham/Watford branches left)
    Northern: Totteridge & Whetstone - South Wimbledon via Bank, Edgware - Kennington (inc loop) via CX
    Piccadilly: Turnpike Lane to Heathrow T5.
    Victoria: Blackhorse Road - Brixton.
    Waterloo & City: all
    DLR: all
    Overground: Stratford - Shepherds Bush, H&I - New Cross/Queens Road Peckham/Forest Hill, Barking - Blackhorse Road
  14. SS4

    SS4 Established Member

    30 Jan 2011
    • Bakerloo: All
    • Central: Mile End - West Ruislip & Ealing Broadway branch
    • Circle*: None
    • District: Earl's Court - Westminster
    • H&C*: Hammersmith - Baker Street
    • Jubilee: Finchley Road - Waterloo
    • Met: Uxbridge to Liverpool Street
    • Northern: Camden Town - Elephant and Castle (via Bank), Euston - Waterloo
    • Picc: Kings Cross to Uxbridge engineering works on the Met :cry:, Heathrow Branch to Hounslow West
    • Victoria: Victoria - Kings Cross
    • W&C, DLR, Overground, Air Line = none

    * Shared track between Baker St and Liverpool Street counted as part of the Met.
  15. Clip

    Clip On Moderation

    28 Jun 2010

    Actually scrub that comment below - I was looking at the wrong month and do believe it is running this weekend

    No eastern branch n the DLR this weekend so if you were hoping to do that as well as the airline you're out of luck.
    Last edited: 19 Feb 2013
  16. tractakid

    tractakid Member

    12 Nov 2012
    Milton Keynes
    I have been to every station on the tube map. In addition, I have done Battersea Park on the London Overground.

    I plan on doing 270 of them again... on Friday!

    Never been on the Tramlink though!

    Or the stupid cable car... why is that even on the map? lol
  17. Manchester77

    Manchester77 Established Member

    4 Jun 2012
    Bakerloo: All (even to Watford Junction when I was a kid!)
    Central: Holborn > Eastwards including Hainult loop and Epping to Ongar in 88/89
    Circle: All
    District: Wimbleware Line, Kew Gardens to Barking
    Hammersmith and City: Royal Oak to Kings Cross
    Jubilee: Baker Street to London Bridge, Bond Street to Green Park (Charing Cross in 88/89)
    Metropolitan: Aldgate to Amersham fast
    Northern: All of Charing Cross and Bank Branches to Kennington, furthest north is Belsize Park and Mill Hill East
    Piccadilly: Heathrow T5 to Kings Cross (and Aldwych branch in 88/89)
    Victoria: All
    Waterloo and City: None :oops:
    Overground: ELL phase one (not Clapham Junction branch), NLL
    DLR: Lewisham to Bank, Bank to Stratford

    I also did the old ELL from Shoreditch to Canada Water in 88/89 I can't remember the year exactly!

    I feel quite lucky I got to ride these branches that are now closed. I was oblivious in those days of their coming closure....
  18. Polarbear

    Polarbear Established Member

    24 May 2008
    I've covered all of the LU lines, including Ongar, Aldwych & Jubilee line to Charing Cross. Also the Bakerloo line as far as Harrow & Wealdstone (didn't do the extension to Watford Junction by tube).

    I've also covered all of Croydon Tramlink and all of the DLR except the line between Stratford & Canning Town (but I did cover this in it's former life as part of the North London Line.

    I need some of the new bits of the Overground (Dalston to Broad St was done in the day of 501's & 1 trip on a 313 to the single platform they had at Broad Street just before the line closed.
  19. LE Greys

    LE Greys Established Member

    6 Mar 2010
    Bakerloo - The lot
    Central - Woodford-Shepherd's Bush (I never seem to have time to do the ends)
    Circle - The lot, but not all at once and not necessarily on Circle trains (I'm still in denial about conting Hammersmith)
    District - Most of it except Southfields-Wimbledon (I was watching the tennis that day), Ealing Common-Ealing Broadway (no idea why) and Barking-Mile End. Upminster was part of a big East London track bash I did once, and I was in a hurry to get back, so jumped on the LT&SR. :(
    Hammersmith and City - Royal Oak-Mile End (same problem as above on one end, the other had more to do with the A4 coming into Paddington)
    Jubilee - Everything except an annoying section between Canary Wharf and North Greenwich (too busy doing other things) and the Charing Cross spur (too young when it closed)
    Metropolitan - Everything as far as Rickmansworth, then I ran out of Travelcard zones. Most was on the same Metroland track bash that covered Watford Junction, Stanmore and Uxbridge.
    Northern - All but the Kennington Loop. Also contained in the Metroland track bash (bus between Edgware and Stanmore).
    Piccadilly - King's Cross-Heathrow Loop and T5/Rayners Lane (I did Uxbridge on a Met train)
    Victoria - Walthamstow Hoe Street-Victoria (never quite got round to Brixton
    Waterloo and City - Done many times, a way to avoid the Northern when coming home from Waterloo
    Overground - I've done the old NLL Richmond-North Woolwich, the GOBLIN when it still had 150s (worked in the WLL the same day) and the whole of Euston-Watford Junction (as a part of the Metroland track-bash). None of the ELL, though. Not sure why.
    DLR - The lot, I track-bashed the whole thing with my mum when I was eight (1992), then repeated the process every time it expanded.
    Emirates Cable Car - Got that too.
    Other Routes - Thameslink and GN&City have both been on the Tube Map, so they count too.
  20. stut

    stut Established Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Well, from memory...

    Bakerloo: All
    Central: All except Woodford - Epping
    Circle: All
    District: All except Barking - Upminster
    Hammersmith and City: Hammersmith - Whitechapel
    Jubilee: All
    Metropolitan: All except Amersham
    Northern: All
    Piccadilly: All (and my goodness, isn't the trip up to Cockfosters a chore?) except Aldwych!
    Victoria: All
    Waterloo and City: All, well, both :)

    Overground: All in previous incarnations, including to North Woolwich. In new incarnations, all except points south of Canada Water
    DLR: All
  21. trentside

    trentside Established Member Senior Fares Advisor

    14 Aug 2010
    The back cab
    I've done the following, still plenty to cover;

    Bakerloo: Marylebone to Waterloo
    Central: Marble Arch - Epping / Hainault Loop
    Circle: Complete (inc. Hammersmith)
    District: Ealing Broadway - Tower Hill, Kew Gardens - Turnham Green
    Hammersmith & City: See Circle - still need Liverpool St - Barking
    Jubilee: West Hampstead - Stratford
    Metropolitan: Complete (inc. Watford North Curve)
    Northern: Kennington - Edgware / High Barnet (exc. Mill Hill East)
    Piccadilly: Uxbridge - Wood Green / Heathrow (all Terminals)
    Victoria: Seven Sisters - Victoria (plus Northumberland Park link)
    Waterloo & City: Complete
    DLR: Tower Gateway - Beckton / Bank - Greenwich / Stratford - Poplar

    I'm intending to get some more done on my next visit to London.
  22. bluegoblin7

    bluegoblin7 Member

    10 May 2011
    Having live in London for most of my life and taking a keen interest with friends in completing as many lines as possible, it's not surprising I've done as much as I have, although more recent openings are as I'm less of a 'track basher' these days...

    Bakerloo: All (but never Harrow & Wealdstone-Watford Junction)
    Central: All (including Epping-Ongar just before closure, and since re-opening)
    Circle: All, both ways round when it was a Circle and since to Hammersmith.
    District: All
    Hammersmith & City: All
    Jubilee: All (including Charing Cross)
    Metropolitan: All (including Watford North Curve and Chalfont plat 3)
    Northern: All (including Kennington loop - I was legitimately asleep!)
    Piccadilly: All (including Aldwych)
    Victoria: All
    Waterloo & City: All
    DLR: All (including original Island Gardens and Mudchute, and I think I could have done the third side to the Delta but can't confirm this...)
    Overground: Richmond-Stratford, Gospel Oak-Blackhorse Road, Willseden Junction-Clapham Junction, Clapham Junction-Highbury & Islington, Crystal Palace-Whitechapel (also entire ELL pre-conversion)
    Emirates AirLine: All

    The missing Overground sections are now planned for this weekend...
  23. gazzak

    gazzak Member

    14 Nov 2012
    During my 4 year signal apprenticeship I covered it all. Living near Rayners lane at the time, I remember my week in Upminster well. I wish IPods had been invented back then!

    I remember seeing a lot of disused stations when on nights, and having a good look around what were supposed to be Churchills temporary quarters during the war.
  24. 10306

    10306 Member

    19 Mar 2009
    All of it as well. Managed to buy a ticket from every station as well over the years, including Blake Hall and Trafalgar Square. Priv. singles were only 6p in those days!!
  25. ryan125hst

    ryan125hst Established Member

    2 Jun 2011
    Not much i'm afraid. :(

    Circle: Tower Hill to Baker Street.
    District: As above- where the Circle and Distric lines share tracks.
    Piccadilly: It was 2003, but I think it was from Kings Cross to South Kensington as I went to the Natural History Museum. I was 8 at the time, so I don't know for sure.
    Victoria: Kings Cross to Victoria.

    Appaling really isn't it! :oops: My coverage of the National Rail network isn't any better. :oops:

    I should have covered a bit more of the Underground after a visit to London this summer. I'm staying in Covent Garden and hoping to go to the Cutty Sark, so that involves a short trip on the Central line and a ride on the DLR! :D
  26. JamesRowden

    JamesRowden Established Member

    31 Aug 2011
    Bakerloo: Paddington to Elephant & Castle
    Central: Lancaster Gate to Stratford
    Circle: All (Victoria to Tower Hill on District, Hammersmith to Paddington on Hammersmith & City)
    District: Hamersmith to Upminster and West Brompton to Edgware Road
    Hammersmith & City: All
    Jubilee: Baker Street to Stratford
    Metropolitan: Never been on a Metropolitan train but have done the parts that are common with the Circle
    Northern: Kings Cross St Pancras to London Bridge
    Piccadilly: Hyde Park Corner to Holborn
    Victoria: Victoria to Kings Cross St Pancras
    Waterloo & City: None
    DLR: Been on it in the 90s but I can't remember what parts
    London Overground: Never been on a London Overground service. Done Queens Road Peckham to Peckham Rye on Southern Metro Services. Done New Cross Gate to Norwood Junction on country services.
    Emirates Air Line: None
  27. Statto

    Statto Established Member

    8 Feb 2011
    At home or at the pub
    I've covered most of it.
    Bakerloo, all of it.
    Central Line West Ruislip & Ealing Broadway to Woodford & Gants Hill.
    Circle Line all of it.
    District Line Wimbledon to Edgware Road & Barking.
    Hammersmith & City line all of it.
    Jubilee Line all of it including when it went to Charing Cross.
    Metropolitan Line Uxbridge to Aldgate not done Harrow to Amersham-Chesham-Watford.
    Northern Line Morden on both branches to Mill Hill East & Edgware.
    Piccadilly Line Cockfosters to Rayners Lane & Heathrow Loop not done Heathrow T5 or Uxbridge yet, although done Rayners Lane-Uxbridge on the Met.
    Waterloo & City Line all of it.
    DLR Bank-Tower Hill to Lewisham & Stratford.
  28. Mojo

    Mojo Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    7 Aug 2005
    I've covered everything on each of the lines that appears on the publicly issued map, including multiple times where two different lines use the same tracks.
  29. greatkingrat

    greatkingrat Established Member

    20 Jan 2011
    All of it (including the Watford North Curve).
  30. gazzak

    gazzak Member

    14 Nov 2012
    Forgot to say, I've walked most of it as well, including all of the tunnels, (nights obviously).

    One Sunday morning stranded on Covent Garden platform I walked through to Leicester Square during during running hours. I got some strange looks emerging on to the platform at Leicester Square. I wonder how many others have walked between stations on a tube section when trains are running?
  31. Zoe

    Zoe Established Member

    22 Aug 2008
    Until the recent changes, how difficult was it to cover the section from Watford South Junction to Croxleyhall Junction?
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