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    XC 220s/221s

    have seen the odd stick-on XC logo, not seen 220017 yet. seen a couple of 350s in London Midland though and it looks good :)
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    Why do Class 444's and 450's "squeak"

    360s also make the same squeek... its quite handly to know when I'm pulling off so I can get excited about getting home sooner :)
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    Avoid Panda- lets in some horrible nastys... go for AVG Internet Security. Never had a problem yet and worth paying £50 + VAT for 2 years... buy it through a reseller if you can though - support the little guy!
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    How do you spot?

    I don't do the general 'spotting'... I just go out to get some slick photos...
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    People You've Met.

    None of you have ever met me! Mwuhahahaha! Although I suspect I might have been spied once or twice if you were truely lucky...
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    Phone taken

    I had a phone 10 years ago when they were the size of bricks - no one even knew of "text" then... I used it if I were ever stranded in mid-wales...
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    GE Mainline Closure

    Yes, the Major Incident rescue vehicle. I giggled when my colleague told me!
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    GE Mainline Closure

    I ran through this on Fri night - left on the 18:12 braintree train, changed at Witham for Bus/Taxi and was told my Clacton train was following - woo! I got home at about 9ish... *sigh*... oh well
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    Big news

    I'm hoping for a baby! Yes, I've announced this most places I frequent - its a bloody miracle I'm having anything the amount of time I've spent with my laptop on my knee and in front of transmitter aerials! We have some names in mind... all will be revealled. Thanks all for your congrats...
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    Big news

    I'm pregnant... oh wait - no - my partner is, I'm not. Due April 8th.
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    Ticket Help Please. VT Primo Breakfast.

    Breakfast is good generally pre 9AM, but post 9AM it tends to dribble... the afternoon snacks are ok - the Primo meal tends to be quite ok if you get the right FC hosts as said before. I have yet to try the Curry Club though...
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    Ticket Help Please. VT Primo Breakfast.

    Primo isn't worth it - I know - tried it... the afternoon service is better - go to Birmingham and then use yer priv from there back to Buxton... full price - £101.00
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    Caption competition

    For those who are not disabled, rail replacement services as follows:
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    Name: Andelibobilina Age: 25 Lives: Kidderminster Job: IT Professional Train: anything but a 142/3/4 Something I could not live without: Laptop/Phone/Partner Whats in my wallet: Not enough cash Last journey on on a train: Clacton - Kidderminster via Marylebone and New Street.
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    Caption competition

    We apologise for the cancellation - please watch the sign for new directions.