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    Steam Tour in the Chunnel!

    well, in theory it could work. Stock gets hauled along the ashford mainline, where after one of the channel tunnel locos will take the stock to Calais, where a steamer from europe would take over. It could work, but not in a day though
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    Something for your CV?

    UCAS. Don't you just love them? DofE/Scouts/Voluntary stuff is good for UCAS points. More stuff that you do voluntary, more UCAS points you gain (for the benefit of the younger members of the forum). simples
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    [NON RAIL] Some photos

    Cheers for the feedback Nathan. I could have done a long exposure in the first one but I didn't have a tripod with me at the time. Supprisingly the second one is in colour. I did think that they looked a bit grainy. I'll change the ISO a bit more often now
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    [NON RAIL] Some photos

    been a while since I posed an update but here goes comments?
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    What Class is this emu?

    it crashed
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    What are you listening to?

    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
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    What are the two closest stations on the same line?

    I'm quite supprised really. The shortest journey I've taken was only 66 chains between stations, which are on the same line. Clapham Junction and Wandsworth Town. you can even double check for yourselves with this
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    "Tornado" with the royal train.

    Speaking of the royal train, I saw one of the royal skips just outside of the works line on Wednesday evening. Was on the mainline as the shunter was taking charge of another 442 set. I forgot about the royal naming ceremony and just assumed that that skip bought up the unit, but probably came...
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    "Tornado" with the royal train.

    woop woop :D Just becuase it's a few miles down the road from me lol. Not to sure why wolverton would keep it there. can get pretty hairy and dangerous in parts of wolverton
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    A Ride on Tornado

    not some bad photos actually. - did you crop this one or is it how it came out? I know how you feel about limited space, as I was at Waterloo on the return, but maybe if you had it zoomed out a bit, it would be a bit better. Anyway, keep up the...
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    Birthday Thread - Just For Birthdays!!

    happy birthday to me123 today. have a good day
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    Railway quiz

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    Tornado in London

    It was unfortunate. If you look at the last video then there is evidence of no room for a tripod and no light to where I was. The other platform would have been good but there was the chance of being bowled out by a passenger service. And before anyone says anyhting about me using flash...
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    Tornado in London

    here's the video's that I got - 35028 Clan Line at Shepherds Bush (sorry about the person cheering, he's a skip ned) - Tornado rushes through Wandsworth Town Clicking noise in both of these videos was my...
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    London Midland service performance

    3 350/2s in Bletchley CS today. supprised to see them tbh