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    Buying second hand iPad

    You only get 10% discount on iPads from the Education Store. Better than nothing but a 128GB iPad still costs close to £500. You used to get 3 years free Apple Care but that's gone now as well.
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    Night time ear plugs for snoring

    MAX 1 Howard Leight Ear Plugs (37dB). £3 for 40 on eBay (£30 for 400 at Screwfix). Hard wearing polyurethane so last a while. If things get really noisy I have been known to use noise cancelling headphones!
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    Split ticket - Connecting train delayed - Court action

    And how many of these people are being prosecuted anyway? If they simply bought a new ticket then there is little other than circumstantial evidence.
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    Received a summon for traveling without a valid ticket

    I doubt the TOC would prosecute for refunding a ticket without firm evidence that the ticket holder had travelled. Were they challenged on the train? At a station exit? There is a lot of detail missing here.
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    Forum Font Size after Upgrade

    +1 here for a switchable font. I find the thread lists hard to read because the Verdana bold font is too large for me. I'm using Stylish to knock it down to Geneva 12px. and the thread text to 13px.
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    Saver Half (SVH) product on Avanti West Coast to end from May fares round

    If all singles are going to the 60%70% pricing and can be bought on the day it could be good for business travel where you aren't sure about return timings. Currently if you want to travel from Euston to Manchester in the afternoon or evening you either commit to buying a SVH and leaving before...
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    What size coffee do you order in a takeaway coffee shop?

    "Small" is normally 12fl oz (340ml), medium 16fl oz (454ml) and large 20 fl oz.(568ml), though the names get conflated into Tall/Primo/Regular etc.. Why anyone needs a pint of steamed or frothed milk disguised as coffee is beyond me.
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    What size coffee do you order in a takeaway coffee shop?

    Pret do filter in your own cup for 49p, Starbucks it's £1.45 but with a free refill if you use their app. Or I get a reasonable bean to cup cappuccino from the Spar.
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    If I pay at a TVM, ticket office or online with a card registered for Apple Pay or G Pay I get an immediate notification when the payment processes on my personal Android and work iPhone.
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    Cross Country delay repay, stations not recognised

    I've had problems with delay repay recognising Salford Central. Most likely the server that looks up stations not responding properly. As for the ticket photo, try taking it so the ticket only takes up a small part of the image then use the Photos app to crop/resize to something that shows just...
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    Double Discount Railcard 16-25 and Disabled Railcard

    As are students that don't have a 16-25 railcard, they miss out on the discount if they don't buy one. If they did extend the offer to disabled cardholders how would they administer the age check? Does a disabled railcard show the holder's age? Would a companion get the 50% as well?
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    I was on the last minute yesterday so bought an e-ticket Anytime Short Return from Avanti to get me to Manchester. They have the same email layout with PDFs as Virgin had. All good on the outward journey, scanned out at Oxford Rd no problem. But coming back I used Salford Central via Wigan...
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    Northern app update

    It's still not offering e-tickets, only m-tickets through the app.
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    Delay Repay Thresholds

    I do wonder sometimes how they work it out. I was on a TPE train a couple of weeks ago that got stuck at Blackrod behind a failed Northern unit. After about 20 minutes it was sent back to Preston, arriving just in time to catch the next TPE service (so an hour's delay). They calculated my delay...
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    You haven't been to Morecambe then... :)