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    A big apology

    Draz, do not really know where all this stems from as I have been in and out of the forum but personally you have been a massive help to me at close hand in this often frustrating maze to get to the "cab". Whatever it is at least you have done the commendable and respectful thing which is what...
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    Train Operator - London Underground

    Does anyone know how long one has to book their assessment day for this position. Am hoping for more favourable days to be added as my schedule is full and hard to juggle around. Or should i just book with the options am given and then call for a reschedule. Any good advice would be of great help.
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    Thoughts please failed 2nd MMI

    Yes.....With MTR
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    Thoughts please failed 2nd MMI

    Thanks for your quick response. Forgot to ask as well whether the 6 month waiting period only applies to the TOC you failed the DMI with or across all TOCS (Underground included).
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    Thoughts please failed 2nd MMI

    I have read this thread with much interest having just failed my DMI. It really is gut wrenching but the pursuit must carry on. Have sourced feedback and will endeavour to improve on this if the opportunity comes up again. What I want to know though is having failed the DMI: Does this mean I...
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    MTR Cross Rail Successful Driver applicants Sharing info

    Hallo all To those that have been successful passing through the DMI, what would you say was the X factor that you displayed that swung things in your favour? And is there any confirmation whether crossrail will be a 24hr service?
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    Train Operator - London Underground

    At he risk of sounding naive, is there a training salary for this over the course of the 16 weeks before qualification or at least some sort of recompense for commitment to the training. As highly sought after as the position is, an approx of 4 months is quite a lot of time to commit without a...
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    Redhill GWR Conductor

    Would you or anyone else for that matter know if passed conductor assessments with other TOCs will be taken into consideration by First Group?
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    When to admit defeat

    Some tub thumping stuff there. Am literally inspired by seemingly endless support on here. Not to mention advice and highly constructive critique as well. For you djh840, we are all in the same boat just at different points in the journey. This forum especially is a treasure trove. Look and you...
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    MTR Crossrail Trainee Train Driver Old Oak Common

    Does anyone know whether it will be just the one assessment day. Have scheduling conflict on the 5th of January and am wondering if I they only run one or a couple of these assessment days. Don't want to officially ask them/clear schedule till I have more information. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    LOROL Trainee Driver New Cross Gate 8 NEW POSITIONS

    The openings for the New cross gate vacancy has gone up from 1 to 8. Still highly competitive but at least less of the "seed to egg" fight that was first advertised.
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    After 1 and a bit years of applying I'm in!

    Congrats fella, you must feel a sense of relief. Journeys like yours add inspiration for what seems like multitudes of us trying to join the industry. Hard work starts now but at least you are in. Check ml posts for a similar if not longer struggle to join a TOC. Good stuff
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    Dilemma Re Trainee Driver Application

    Thanks all for your contributions. Fully appreciated. Summing it all up it did cross my mind that attention to detail is important criteria in doing the job so a mistake like this one is not likely to be taken lightly especially with the volume of applicants they must receive. End of the day I...
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    Dilemma Re Trainee Driver Application

    Hallo All, As some might know, GTR have a trainee driver position up at Three Bridges. Unfortunately in the initial stages of application, i mistakenly ticked no for the age eligibility and late shift availability questions :sad:. Obviously i would like to rectify this error and get a...
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    Conductor Assessment Southern

    Just wanted to thank you guys for advice given for my assessment. Only candidate there with no rail industry experience so am mighty chuffed to have got through. Have a competency based interview still to be scheduled but at least i have more time to prep. Did any of you have to do a structured...