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    Neutral sections

    Neutral sections and associated signalling are designed so that during everyday normal running electric traction does not stop with its pan in the dead zone. The ones on the CRE-MAN line by Sydney bridge where moved because of trains being stopped on the approach to Crewe, designers take...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Work has started in last week on upgrading Preston power box sidings to stable electric traction and driver walk ways
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    Least used section of OHLE in the uk

    The horse landing next to Crewe station was recently rewired, never seen a electric loco use it, it was used to access Crewe diesel depot, the wire even goes over the top of a walkway though it is earthed either side. DBS insisted it was re-wired.
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    Least used section of OHLE in the uk

    Between gresty lane signal box and the termination of wire going towards Nantwich is never used.
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    Crewe and Carlisle Stations

    That was when the post was sent by train, used to be full even at 2 in morning, not sure if there left open anymore as there not staffed.
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    Manchester - Liverpool Electrification

    Looks like it, won't be Return conductor on insulators that big, and can't be earth wire on pots, it's series 1 or 2 design, not had much to do with it
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    disused signals and OHL gantries?

    The line to Silverdale colliery at Madeley on the WCML has a signal showing a red aspect, it's been OOU for over 5 years,and not used properly since the 90's
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    West Coast OHL damage 1/3

    Taken from BBC website. If as stated above that the OCR wiring train was about that area on nights, then it looks like there haven't installed the SI's correctly.
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    Railway Maintenance Depot

    Have the empty former silverlink depot at Bletchley, it's wired and will soon become a important depot again, and is next to the WCML. Or even try the diesel depot at Crewe which has stood redundant for many years.
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    Network Rail road vehicles

    All the vans are leased, so if one breaks down then they have to have a hire vehicle.The depot's budget will be for be for so many vans. As for private cars, engineers and management get issued cars as part of there contract, it's only really ground staff that use the vans. Agree with you that...
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    Euro Cargo 9720

    Yes you are correct, 9720 was without bogies, never noticed if pan was there
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    Guess the Station...

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    Guess the Station...

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    Euro Cargo 9720

    Seen Euro Cargo 9720 On the m1 near Leicester on a low loader does anybody know where it came from and why?
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    Information about track replacement

    Babcock rail are doing renewals in that area during March and April, line blocked every weekday night and most sunday nights, can't find exact location but its between Polmont and Lithlingow, will have a proper look for you when i get time.